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Dr. Juliane Hedderich

For the down and feather industry, Dr. Juliane Hedderich, holding a doctorate degree in political economics, is simultaneously responsible for the management of the national (VDFI Association of the German Down and Feather Industry) and the European Association (EDFA European Down and Feather Association): In 1986, 30-year-old Juliane Hedderich started as the youngest German association director. Later, being additionally responsible for the EDFA management, she was able to increase its number of members as well as its turnover tenfold. Dr. Hedderich is an internationally recognized standardization expert who has been essential in creating a consistent, quality-oriented standardization system for products filled with down and feather, which is now in use around the world. The associated abolition of national regulations has significantly promoted consumer protection in an increasingly globalized market. At the same time, she has developed guidelines for sustainable industrial production that conserve natural resources. Furthermore, she supported the creation of a traceability standard that verifies the ethical sourcing of down and feathers.

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