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Dr. Hans-Günter Weeß

Psychologist Dr. Hans-Günter Weeß has ample experience in clinical and scientific sleep medicine and has authored a series of scientific publications. He trains and develops sleep medicine specialists and teaches at diverse universities. He sits on the board of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Schlafforschung und Schlafmedizin (DGSM) and is the chair of Rheinland-Pfälzische Gesellschaft für Schlafmedizin und Schlafforschung (RheiGSM).   Dr. Weeß represents DGSM in the redesign of the AWMF guidelines for shift work of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Arbeits- und Umweltmedizin (DGAUM) and is the author of the AWMF guidelines on insomnia. Also, he is a member of the scientific panel of the journals Somnologie, Schlaf and Das Schlafmagazin and of the expert panel of the Federal Highway Research Institute for the chapter on daytime sleepiness, where he is responsible for the assessment guidelines for driving ability. Dr. Weeß is a consultant for the campaign for sensitisation for microsleep of Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat.   Dr. Weeß has made it his mission to divulge his knowledge about sleep and sleep disorders. In this endeavour, he focuses on improving the quality of treatment for patients suffering from sleep disorders in the German healthcare system.   In 2014, Das Schlafmagazin awarded Dr. Weeß with a Somnus to honour his special merits in sleep medicine. Dr. Weeß has authored several technical books and publishes his own scientific studies in trade journals. Stiftung Gesundheit describes his latest book Die schlaflose Gesellschaft – Wege zu erholsamen Schlaf und mehr Leistungsvermögen as “an excellent book on sleep that provides all readers with intellectually high-quality and, at the same time gripping, insights”. In its book review, Pharmazeutische Zeitung wrote: “A substantiated book, easy to understand and humorous – a wake-up call in view of the issues of a society with a chronic lack of sleep”. Dr. Weeß’ new book `Schlaf wirkt Wunder, will be released by Droemer Knaur in autumn.

Lectures Foyer GER
3:30 — 4:15 PM
January 7 '20
4:15 — 5:00 PM
January 7 '20

Panel discussion about "Sleep is more than just a bed"

Don't oversleep: "Sleeping in the digital change"

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