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Colin Greenhalgh

Colin Greenhalgh is the technical director of Ammique Ltd. A graduate of Sussex University, he taught for 12 years at a comprehensive school near Bath. With a background in Sports Science and a Passion for designing and making fine furniture, he left teaching to set up a bespoke furniture design and manufacturing company with his vife and business Partner, Marlene Greenhalgh. Within 10 years, the company hadgrown and flourishcd enabling a proportion of the company profits to he used to explorc and develop neu innovations in the industry; one of which was a radical neu design of bed. Ammique Ltd was co-founded by Colin and Marlene to develop, field trial and test their patented, precision engineered body support and sleep technology, to design and manufacture Ammique beds, furniture, bedding and sensory sleep products and to build the Ammique sleep brand. 

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