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Lectures Hall 3 Level 0, K82 Lectures
12:30 — 1:00 PM
January 7 '20

Why digital? Why pigment? Why Itaca digital pigment inks?

lecture by esmalglass itaca

The presentation describes, first, the Esmalglass-Itaca Group’s 20-year proven experience in digital pigment ink development, spearheading digital conversion in ceramic tile decoration together with the top OEMs and printhead manufacturers, enabling the company to successfully enter the digital textile printing field.

The talk examines digital printing compared to analogue printing technology, with a comparative cost analysis. It analyses the advantages of digital pigment printing technology in textile decoration over dyes, highlighting eco-friendly and sustainability aspects, in addition to process efficiency.

Finally, the presentation outlines Itaca’s digital pigment ink solution from a practical industrial perspective. A solution backed up by benchmarking service, full technical assistance and expert inkjet consultancy.

Terese Carda

Textile Project Coordinator

Subject to changes without notice

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