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1:00 — 1:30 PM
January 8 '20

Well rested: What can your home do for your sleep?

Creating a better everyday life for numerous people: That is IKEA's vision. Good sleep contributes to a better everyday life like hardly any other activity. At IKEA, we take a holistic approach to sleep and would like to give you an insight into our Bedroom essentials. By this we mean factors that influence good sleep and that we can optimise with the right ideas and furnishing solutions in our homes. Light, for example, has a great influence on good sleep, which we can solve, for example, with blackout blinds. We show how textiles help to reduce noise, contribute to better sleep and make the home more comfortable, warmer and therefore more sustainable. In addition to temperature and air quality, a tidy bedroom also plays a role - for this IKEA works with so-called "organise your living" solutions. IKEA's idea is to make good design accessible to everyone. We call this democratic design. It's about good design, convincing functionality, high quality, sustainability and a reasonable price. Conclusion: There are many ways in which each of us can achieve a healthier sleep. 

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