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12:00 — 12:30 PM
January 7 '20

Turn your idea into a textile design: From the basics to the most advanced concepts.

Lecture by Inèdit Software

After a long creative process, you finally find the perfect idea, the design you know it will work and will be easy to sell, but first, you still need to do the hard work: Repeat and rapport it, separate the colors and then create different cololrways and find the best models to show it to potential customers.

All these steps can be very long and take up much of your time or you can understand perfectly the process and know the tools to make your work more efficient and invest your time in creating and selling.

At the Inèdit Software conference, Luca Sandron will give you the guidelines to understand the whole process of creating a textile print and the needs we need to cover in order to be more efficient.  

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