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2:00 — 2:45 PM
January 8 '20

The Digitization of Sleep: Benefits and Challenges

The healthy and disturbed sleep has arrived in the society. The importance of restful sleep and the importance of sleep disorders are recognized. We are sleeping more and more shorter and worse and this circumstance has to be countered with education, prevention and a better management of sleep disorders. The lack of specialists calls for new information and supply models. Digitalization and telemedicine can and must help here. Digitalization offers opportunities for comprehensive education and prevention for children and young people up to the older generation and as part of occupational health management. Telemedicine can help to reduce the gap between demand and the supply of sleep medicine, from home diagnostics to therapy monitoring.

In the future, we will not only be able to monitor sleep better, but we will also be able to influence it with modern technical innovations, from the quality of sleep to the length of sleep. Digitalization also offers opportunities for optimizing sleep-wakefulness and rest activity management.

Quality of life and sleep concerns us all!

(Read more in: Germany sleeps badly How lack of sleep makes us all ill and what you can do against it, Ingo Fietze, Rowohlt Verlag 2019)


Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin
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