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Special Shows & Events Hall 4 Level 2, E14
9:00 AM — 5:00 PM
January 10 '20

Textile Future by Trevira CS

Trevira’s joint booth will also feature a special showcase the contract market. 

To curate this special display, Trevira is proud to have secured a collaborative partnership with renowned Berlin design company studio aisslinger. The studio is known for its outstanding work in experimental and product design, innovative materials and architectural concepts. As a designer, studio founder Werner Aisslinger is particularly interested in how the newest technologies and unusual materials can be integrated into product design. Besides a focus on furniture, his most recent projects include interior design concepts for hotels and workspaces.

This year’s exhibition, “Textile Future by Trevira CS”, will give visitors, especially (interior) designers and decorators, an opportunity to find out more about the extensive choice of cutting-edge, innovative applications opening up for Trevira CS fabrics on trendsetting textile concepts in the areas of public spaces, hospitality, health and care and mobility as well as workspace design. Trevira CS customers submitted their newest articles in a specified colour range. Studio aisslinger selected the most outstanding products for the exhibition. Each year, Trevira has special materials selected by a neutral jury to be given special recognition and to be featured as highlights at the Trevira fair booth. This year, studio aisslinger was asked to choose these products deemed to be especially creative or innovative.

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