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Lectures Hall 3 Level 0, K82 Lectures
12:30 — 1:00 PM
January 8 '20

Specialised Design & Colour Management Solutions for Printed Textiles

lecture by AVA CAD CAM Group

I believe in a better (more knowledgeable, technologically advanced and connected) decorative print community. AVA’s purpose is to inspire and enable people in this community to do things better. Our customers come to us with all sorts of dreams and challenges and we help them to do things better through a combination of our experienced team of industry experts and specialised, fully-supported design & colour management software. 

The benefits of working with a technology parter such as AVA may be grouped into 3 main areas: 

Productivity. Regular tasks such as putting designs into repeat and colour separating them are achieved to a higher standard and far more quickly (think of average reductions of 50-75%) than is possible using less specialised software applications. When studio time and resources are both expensive and in short supply, this productivity increase can transform a business by enabling a design studio to double its output with the same resources.

Reduced lead times. In addition to the general productivity gains referred to above, AVA Colour Matching hugely reduces the number of attempts necessary to achieve acceptable matches to agreed targets or samples. This statement is true whether final production is printed conventionally (rotary screen), digitally, or both. It also applies equally both to first time production and to reprints (upon which many companies waste more time and material trying to match the first batch of production than they did creating the original design and/or colourway). Particularly in the fashion printing business, removing several days from average lead times frequently results in a direct increase in sales.

Reduced wastage. Benefit 2 above in turn leads to reduced wastage of press time, fabric and expensive inks and dyes. In addition to the obvious direct cost benefits, this is of increasing interest to many of our customers who are keen to be seen to be doing something to limit the adverse environmental impact of their businesses.


Luke Langford

Financial Director

Subject to changes without notice

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