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2:00 — 5:15 PM
January 8 '20

Lectures AIT-Dialog


DIVERSITY: Urban spaces for living in transition // Please register here:

14:00h welcome and introduction by the moderator Kristina Bacht, AIT-Dialog

14:10h „Diversity in interior design“

Fokke Moerel, MVRDV, NL-Rotterdam

14:35h "GROUNDED"

Christoph Hesse, Christoph Hesse Architekten, DE-Korbach

15:00h "Housing and the City"

Susanne Eliasson, GRAU, FR-Paris

15:25h break

15:45h „About the Engawa“

Jun Igarashi, Jun Igarashi Architects, JP-Hokkaido

16:10h „LOV X - Berlin - A place to live Diversity at "Südkreuz“

Ulrich Schop, roedig . schop architekten, DE-Berlin


"urban discourses"

Prof. Barbara Holzer, Holzer Kobler Architekturen, CH-Zürich

17:00h Q&A Session

17:15h End of lecture program

Subject to changes without notice

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