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Lectures Hall 11 Level 0, FOY01 Lectures
3:00 — 3:30 PM
January 7 '20

As technology lures us away from sleep, technology and invention can draw us back

Ammique is a British company designing, making and selling its own brand of precision engineered mattress-free beds and other products. An Ammique bed is on show at Heimtextil. The bed is unlike any other bed on the market and we describe it as the most sustainable, hygienic and technologically advanced bed in the world. The bed is guaranteed for a lifetime and we shall look at it in terms of sustainability and the circular economy. The mattress-free bed will be compared to mattresses and the benefits of the Ammique bed will be described. We shall look at support as well as comfort and how this is very important to a good sleep. We shall look at the potential benefits to hotels and to sportsmen and women. We shall look at other benefits like modularity, customization and the development of new sleep enhancing technologies.

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