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Special Shows & Events Hall 4 Level 2, C70 Special Shows & Events
10:30 — 11:00 AM
January 8 '20

Award Ceremony: DNFI Innovation in Natural Fibres Award 2019


Debasish Das and Subhas Ghosh Win 2019 Award:

“Biodegradable Weather-Resistant Cotton-Jute Fabric can replace non-biodegradable PVC-Coated Polyester”

Dr. Debasish Das, Professor, University of Calcutta, Department of Jute and Fibre Technology, and Dr. Subhas Ghosh, Professor, Eastern Michigan University, School of Visual Built Environments, College of Engineering and Technology, have won the 2019 Discover Natural Fibres Initiative Innovation Award.

The two researchers collaborated on the development of a biodegradable cotton-jute fabric with a waterproof coating that can substitute for non-biodegradable PVC-coated polyester. The new cotton-jute fabric is suitable for use in outdoor fabrics such as tarps, awnings, canopies, or automobile hooding material. In addition to being biodegradable, the natural fibre material meets fire-retardancy standards and allows the transfer of moisture vapor to avoid the accumulation of humidity on the underside of fabrics, while remaining waterproof.

Crucially, the natural fibre textile product developed by Das and Ghosh contains no carcinogenic plasticizer, no toxic formaldehyde-based adhesion promoter, and no non-biodegradable fabric components.

This cost-effective natural fibre product was developed within the Department of Jute and Fibre Technology, University of Calcutta, with support from the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. The product will be produced on a commercial scale by MS. Ajanta Textiles, India.

About DNFI

The Discover Natural Fibres Initiative (DNFI) was created in January 2010 as an outgrowth of the International Year of Natural Fibres 2009, declared by the United Nations General Assembly. The purposes of DNFI are to advance the interests of all natural fibre industries and to encourage increased use of natural fibres in the world economy. DNFI is a voluntary association of individuals and organizations with interests in promoting natural fibres through collaboration, consultation and cooperation. The Organization ( works to further the interests of natural fibres by serving as a platform for information exchange, by providing statistics on fibre production and use, and by working to raise awareness of the benefits of natural fibre industries to the world economy, environment and consumers.

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