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Expert Session 2
7:00 — 7:30 PM
November 11 '20

Xact Metal XM200C 3D Printer Demo | Xact Metal

Language: ENG

Dave Jankowski, Global Sales Operations Leader,

Xact Metal

Stevie Fealtman, Applications Engineer,

Xact Metal

Xact Metal™ XM200C Power-Bed Fusion Metal 3D Printer Demo. Meet the experts to learn about the XM200C printer, which deploys a laser-based powder-bed fusion technology in which a fiber laser selectively melts thin layers of metal powder, one at a time, to create parts directly from a 3D-CAD model. Powered by our patentpending Xact Core™ gantry system, the XM200C continues to revolutionize metal 3D printing. 

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