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Expert Session 2
12:30 — 1:00 PM
November 12 '20

Industry 4.0 automation for 3D-Printing Factories | AM-Flow

Language: ENG

Stefan Rink, CEO,


In depth explanation of the product portfolio of AM-Flow and where to start best further automating your AM factory.

AM-FLOW delivers building blocks to end-to-end automate your industrial 3D-printing process. As the leading Industry 4.0 technology provider for the Additive Manufacturing industry, we combine expert knowledge in the field of 3D-shape identification, industrial machine vision and AI software, together with the integration of AM production-line hardware and MES software.

Specific for the AM Industry is an infinite variety of parts being produced on daily basis, in an high mix AND high volume context - 200 or way more - . This complicates factory automation since there is no standard product library to optimize for.

With this complexity in mind, AM-Flow offers unique AI based hardware and software solutions for bin picking - AM-PICK -, part identification - AM-VISION -, sorting - AM-SORT -, transportation - AM-ROUTE -, digital work flow software - AM-LOGIC -, bagging & labeling - AM-BAGGING - and custom packaging - AM-PACKAGE -. Our team combines a background in additive- and traditional manufacturing environments - Lean Six Sigma, QRM -, to bring proven methods for efficient and effective production to next generation digital production environments - AM-EXPERT -.

We happily support you on your roadmap towards your fully digital, lights out factory. Connecting your 3Dprinters and post-processing workstations in a step-by-step approach or providing you immediately with fully integrated, modular AM production lines. 

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