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Expert Session 1
2:30 — 3:00 PM
November 11 '20

New Generation DED technology-Multi materials | Insstek

Language: ENG

Seungjun An, Head of Research,

InssTek, Inc.

Up to now, Additive Manufacturing has made a lot of progress by focusing on shape implementation. However, AM technologies focusing on producing freeform shapes do not have an absolute advantage over existing production methods such as machining and casting. The important element that differentiates AM technology from existing processing and casting methods is that it can use multi materials in the production process to suit different functions (corrosion resistance, electric conduction, magnetism, etc) of different parts.

Thus, we believe that in the future, Multi Material DED technology will be the focal of attention in AM manufacturing. In response, we have built a new precise powder feeder system to implement Mutli Material DED. In this presentation, we will explain the important points of a precise powder feeder system for Multi material printing and share our Multi Material DED experiences. We would like to emphasize the importance of powder feeding ability to users who are considering using AM equipment. 

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