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12:00 — 1:00 PM
November 12 '20

Replay AM in the manufacturing industry

Current status reflecting on materials, process and use cases

The US and Europe with Germany range in the TOP level of industrialized nations and represent a big part of the world economy. AM has a special and growing impact on many industries and the products including the way engineers design and realize new products. From supply chains to spare parts, materials and process chains, from prototyping to serial production, from certification to business cases – our panel participants have a sharp look on AM industries on both sides of the Atlantic.

AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology

Douglas Woods


Working Group AM at VDMA

Dr. Markus Heering

Managing Director

Dr. Alba Mena Subiranas

Vice President Maintenance & Reliability Solutions

Met-l-flo Inc.

Carl Dekker



Franz Bosbach

Vice President Innovation

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