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Expert Session 1
10:00 — 10:30 AM
November 12 '20

Pushing the limits in biomedical and aerospace applications | TANIOBIS GmbH, Alloyed

Language: ENG

Dr. Melanie Stenzel, Director of Marketing and Special



Dr. David Crudden,


Additive Manufacturing offers us a new paradigm for engineering design and manufacturing. Despite that the technology has been around for several decades, it always inspires anew. The demand of high quality additive manufactured applications is rising, and so are the requirements for the materials. With Tantalum and Niobium elementary or customized alloy powders, we are extending the boundaries of AM. Based on our experience in Tantalum and Niobium we are providing and developing unique combinations by the versatility of gas-atomized powders and high-entropy alloys. Combined with outstanding design freedom of additive manufacturing technologies this opens up entirely new application opportunities. Together with our partner Alloyed we develop and optimize alloy compositions trough ADB platform, to provide our customer the best material for their application area. We create new solutions for high performance applications by developing customer specific alloys with ultra-low oxygen levels and adjustable properties, accessible for various AM technologies.

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