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Expert Session 1
4:00 — 4:30 PM
November 10 '20

How to produce high end aerospace parts with DED | Siemens AG

Language: ENG

Heinz-Ingo Schneider, Senior Key Expert Additive Manufacturing,

Siemens AG

Alexis Capoen, Application Engineer Additive Manufacturing,

Janus Engineering SARL

Dr. Thomas Heß, Vice President Additive Manufacturing,

MT Aerospace AG

Rocket thrust nozzle parts require high temperature resistance and a special design for cooling and fuel injection. The software tools of Siemens are enabling design optimization, manufacturing preparation as well as the simulation of the machine movements in the digital twin of manufacturing. The real production process is shown on the high end DED machine BeAM Modulo 400 at MT Aerospace in Augsburg. 

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