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Expert Session 1
1:30 — 2:00 PM
November 12 '20

Maximizing Printer Investment through Digital Workflow Optimization | PostProcess Technologies

Language: ENG

Dean Von Bank, Vice President Strategic Partnerships,

PostProcess Technologies

This presentation will discuss the opportunity to optimize the additive manufacturing workflow with an end-to-end digitized approach through the post-printing step. Case study examples will demonstrate opportunities to achieve both cost savings and improved efficiencies for some of the most popular 3D printing technologies including Vat Photopolymerization (SLA, DLP, CLIP) and Material Jetting (PolyJet). The most common post-printing methods used today are either manual labor or legacy equipment that are unable to match the data-based approach of the Design and Build steps. This break of the digital thread at post-printing can impede the ability to maximize the additive workflow's cost and output. We will review the practical implementation and benefits of automation in post-printing to create a closed-loop solution in which data can be used to feed design and build steps in realtime. The presentation will review how connecting data across smart systems is transformative to end part results and business outcomes.  

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