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TCT Conference @ Formnext Connect Materials and Processes
8:00 — 8:20 AM
November 12 '20

Micro-Extrusion-Based Printing with Novel Wood-Based Bioinks

Speaker: Marie Pierre Laborie, Chair of Biobased Materials, University of Freiburg 

In his recent examination of lignin , Wolfgang Glasser argues that “human technology should capitalize on the unexpected compatibility between carbohydrates and aromatic lignin” to advance its utilization. As the secund most abundant biopolymer on earth, lignin indeed remains a vastly undervalorized biopolymer, despite decades of promising academic research. Building upon recent advances on liquid crystalline lignin/ carbohydrate blends at the University of Freiburg , this presentation will highlight the potential of such biopolymer blends in additive manufacturing –direct ink writing in particular –for freely shaping CO2-neutral and environmentally-friendly structures for consumer good applications, the transportation and the biomedical fields. Current challenges and perspectives will also be discussed

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