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TCT Conference @ Formnext Connect Transport
4:00 — 4:25 PM
November 11 '20

Recent Advances in Boeing Additive Manufacturing

Speaker: Melissa Orme, Vice President, Additive Manufacturing, Boeing

Additive Manufacturing offers numerous benefits in the aerospace sector including: light-weighting, part consolidation, on-demand manufacturing, faster time to market, and addressing pain points in supply chain, all of which leads to cost/fuel savings. More important than part-specific value added, additive manufacturing enables the opportunity to optimize the end product, not just the part within the product.This presentation discusses the challenges of full scale production of air-worthy additively manufactured hardware, and how Boeing is addressing these challenges, including the creation of the digital twin at every instance along our value stream, and the incorporation of this data into our digital thread to enable scale and quality. Finally, this talk will describe two case studies that illustrate the value added of additive manufacturing insertions in current Boeing platforms.

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