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Expert Session 2
6:30 — 7:00 PM
November 10 '20

TOOLING OF TOMORROW - High Performance Resins for Large Scale Additive Manufacturing | Airtech Europe Sarl

Language: ENG

Gregory Haye, Director of Additive Manufacturing,

Airtech Intl

Zach Skelton, Senior Technical Support Engineer,

Airtech Intl

Airtech's Tooling of Tomorrow happens today!


Dahltram® high performance tooling resins for additive manufacture are formulated and compounded by Airtech in-house specifically for each tooling application. A full range of 3D print resin for tooling manufacture is available for low, medium and high temperature applications providing higher levels of performance for stable, long life tooling.


With our Dahlpram® purging compounds you’ll keep your 3D printer clean and print quality high with our range of purge resin for everyday and interval maintenance. Print-Tech® additive manufacturing has been enhanced by Airtech using its 50 years of extrusion experience, high quality tooling can be printed faster and more economically. On our LSAM printers in USA and Europe we can manufacture tooling up to 12m x 3m covering the full range of tooling applications: molds, form tools, bond tools, jigs, fixtures.


AM Team at Airtech has worked with composite tooling for 40+ years and LSAM technology from its introduction, building a wealth of invaluable additive knowledge, so we can deliver high quality printed tooling and innovation.

Innovation is at the heart of Airtech and continues to drive us each day. Our AM process and materials provide major advantages over traditional technologies for the tool manufacture.


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