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Expert Session 2
12:00 — 12:30 PM
November 11 '20

SLS 3D printing with thermoset powder | Ricoh 3D

Language: ENG

Mark Dickin

Ricoh 3D

Dr. Enrico Gallino

Ricoh 3D

Dr. Baris Kaynak, Production Manager,

TIGER Coatings

For this session, Ricoh is joined by Baris Kaynak from TIGER Coatings.

Ricoh 3D is joining forces with material innovator TIGER TIGITAL® to demonstrate the capabilities of 3D printing with thermoset powder.

Learn more about how SLS printing with thermoset produces end-use parts with extraordinary thermal and mechanical advantages, and extends the application field for the automotive, electrical, transportation, and aerospace industries.

This session will explore the differences between thermoplastic vs thermoset, how thermoset technology works and the customisable product mix available.

A must for anyone with projects requiring enhanced mechanical properties, superior insulation, dimensional stability or extreme temperature performance.

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