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Virtual Roundtable
3:00 — 3:30 PM
November 10 '20

Leveraging Binder Jetting to additive serial production | voxeljet AG

Language: ENG

Dr. Ingo Ederer, CEO,

voxeljet AG

Frederik von Saldern

James Reeves, Global Director for Polymer Sintering (HSS),

voxeljet AG

Since its foundation in 1999, voxeljet has been striving for the vision of establishing a new manufacturing standard. In 2019, voxeljet presented two high performance 3D printers designed to complement serial production processes for various industries.

On the one hand, the VX1300 X as part of the collaborative “Industrialization of Core Printing Project” (short: ICP) with the foundry equipment specialist Loramendi and ASK Chemicals. ICP allows for the fully automated production of highly complex sand cores for casting processes. The new 3D printers use a new set of inorganic binding materials, which ensures highest environmental compatibility during the whole process. By harnessing the flexibility of additive manufacturing, ICP eliminates design limitations of conventional tooling and is capable of matching conventional core making in serial-production. The VX1300 X stands at the beginning of this automated production line. With a printing speed of up to ten times faster than previous models, this system shows, that the 3D printing industry is at an inflection point and marks a key milestone on the road to additive serial production. The production line is designed to manufacture water jacket cores, a component for conformal engine cooling: with this new component, overall vehicle efficiency can be significantly increased and CO2 emissions decreased.

Later in 2019 voxeljet, presented its VX1000 HSS at formnext. This printer is designed for the high-volume production of complex polymer parts. With an effective build volume of 248 liters, the VX1000 HSS holds a volume up to 6x larger than comparable 3D printers. With various materials already in qualification, this printer targets new markets and applications with the High Speed Sintering technology for direct polymer parts. One example showcased in this roundtable is the collaborative TPU qualification with the manufacturer of high performance polymers Covestro.

In this roundtable, we want to give you new insights into our vision, focus and ambition to bring additive manufacturing into serial production and discuss lessons learned from this journey.

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