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Expert Session 2
10:00 — 11:00 AM
November 11 '20

Arcam EBM Q10plus – Proven cost-efficiency and productivity for volume hip cup production | GE Additive Germany GmbH

Language: ENG

Anders Ingvarsson, Senior Product Manager,

GE Additive Germany GmbH

Oscar Angervall, Senior Product Manager,

GE Additive Germany GmbH

Stephan Zeidler, Senior Global and Key Accounts Director,

GE Additive Germany GmbH

The Arcam EBM Q10plus is the established machine for volume production of medical implants, especially hip cups. This session will present a par-cost case for hip cups and draw a comparison with other powder bed fusion technologies. In addition, a new software tool that analyzes build performance of the Q10plus will even further improve productivity and the insight from the first customers using the tool will be shared. We will also explore how the new powder handling system can improve hip cup production. 

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