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Expert Session 2
2:00 — 2:30 PM
November 11 '20

4D_Additive: Introduction to revolutionary 3D-Printing Software | CT CoreTechnologie GmbH

Language: ENG

Shane Gillham, Technical Consultant for Additive Manufacturing,

CT CoreTechnologie GmbH

CT CoreTechnologie GmbH., global provider of software for 3D CAD data conversion and additive manufacturing, is proud to present you their newcomer software.

4D_Additive is a revolutionary 3D printing software on the market developed during the last two years and the only tool worldwide that can read the original native data of all common CAD systems. The powerful B-Rep core of 4D_Additive will allows the control, reparation and preparation of your models, in accordance with CAD engineering standards, based on exact geometry.

The goal of 4D_Additive is to revolutionize the market with a modern, user-friendly and nonexclusive solution. The software have innovative and powerful features such as Healing, Modelling, Automatic 3D Nesting (designed for MJF technology) and outstanding Slicing, Lattice and Support structures functions. With the help of the crucial Analysis functions, you can achieve optimum alignment of the components in seconds to determine the best possible surface and support position.

In 4D_Additive, you have also the opportunity to design completely your product with our latest Texturing Module. The software automatically ensures distortion-free projection of the grain over surface boundaries. The precise graphical representation allows real-time assessment of the designed geometry and fires the creative process of designing new parts.

4D_Additive makes it possible to respond to all the challenges linked to the additive manufacturing, whether industrial, for prototyping, design or technical.

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