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Expert Session 2
2:00 — 2:30 PM
November 10 '20

4D_Additive Software Innovations for the global AM market | CT CoreTechnologie GmbH

Language: ENG

Phuc Tran, Sales Director Northern Europe for CAx Interoperability and Additive Manufacturing software solutions,

CT CoreTechnologie GmbH

In terms of crises and resulted vulnerable supply chains, companies focus on independent and flexible manufacturing. In order to realize self-sufficient production, the need to prepare own 3D models in AM software solutions is increasing.

The 3D printing software tool named 4D_Additive enables you an easy-to-use tool with incredible innovations in this market. According to CAD engineering standard, all data processes will be managed on accurate B-Rep geometries: Geometry quality checking and repair, support structures as B-Rep and the outstanding texturing module for unique and functional designs on real geometries emphasize 4D_Additive software.

Dealing with poor heat distribution gives you a non-satisfied printed component result. In order to avoid this common problem, automatic intelligent material distance control in the 4D_Additive Nesting module ensures optimal heat repartition and printing quality by 4D_Additive.

Another key element in this expert session is the generation of lightweight models to prevent additional heat. New technologies in this printing software allows you to create internal and external lattice structures such as Gyroid models to obtain model strength without support structures.

The software 4D_Additive fulfills your requirements: Outstanding file exporting functionality such as all slicing formats (G-Code, SLI etc.), STL, 3MF and STEP to keep your real geometries with generated support structures for your PLM system.

Innovations and agility are becoming key roles in the AM software market. For the next step, these exceptional 4D_Additive functionalities will be presented in this Formnext 2020 expert session by Phuc Tran.

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