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Expert Session 2
1:30 — 2:00 PM
November 12 '20

Enabling cost-efficient mass-scale Additive Manufacturing with photopolymers by Forward AM and Photocentric | BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH

Dr. Piotr A. Bazuła, Global Product and New Business Development Manager Liquid Formulation Solutions,

BASF Forward AM

Sally Tipping, Sales Director,


In this live session, Photocentric and BASF Forward AM are happy to announce the launch of the Engineering Plastic Daylight Ultracur3D® EPD product family. The first materials Ultracur3D® EPD 1006 and Ultracur3D® EPD 2006 have now been introduced into the market and are developed to work seamlessly with the unique Photocentric LCD daylight technology and the Liquid Crystal Magna machine. Parts printed with these resins demonstrate high stiffness and flexibility, meeting the needs of customers with demanding applications such as prototyping, engineering and large-scale automotive parts. Join the live session to get insights into how Photocentric and BASF Forward AM teamed up to enable large volume printing, high-resolution capabilities and a cost-efficient customized mass production.

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