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Expert Session 2
2:30 — 3:00 PM
November 11 '20

The Autodesk Machine Control Framework | Autodesk GmbH

Language: ENG

Alexander Oster, Director of Additive Manufacturing


Daniel Reitemeyer, Business Development


The Autodesk Machine Control Framework is a software stack to integrate several hardware subsystems into a production-ready, complete and cohesive closed loop system, that can produce laser-based additive parts out of the box.

Thanks to the outstanding collaboration between SCANLAB, the leading provider of hard- and software of laser controls, and Autodesk Inc., one of the leading providers of CAD/CAM/CAE software for Manufacturing, any engineering organisation with a background in mechanical hardware can quickly combine the Autodesk Software stack together with SCANLAB’s leading edge technology and to create a beyond-state-of-the-art industrial system with a fraction of the traditional effort.

Enriched with a modern browser-based Human Machine Interface, configurable Open APIs and unseen features like over-the-air updates and transactional timeline journaling, the framework reduces the costs and time-to-market for any machine builder in a similar way to what Android did for the mobile phone industry during the last decade.

The talk will highlight the detailed architecture and will give a blueprint of how an industry 4.0 system should function. And it will as well showcase the features and capabilities a compact system can expose if it is written from scratch – especially with the inclusion of the best practices of thousands of developer years that only a multinational software giant like Autodesk can apply.

Autodesk Machine Control Framework is the right solution for you, if

  • you are a research institute in the need to quickly build custom test stands and validation setups
  • you are an experienced machine tool maker with years of expertise in vacuum technology, mechatronics and powder handling – and are looking to enter the additive arena.
  • you are an additive machine tool maker with a need to dramatically increase development velocity and focus on your core competences in process, hardware and embedded software.
  • you are a large manufacturing OEM who is investing heavily in AM and need a stable way to certify your production line and tune the process as much as possible to your application.
  • you are an additive process- or powder specialist who is looking for more access in the hardware than you can currently achieve.


If you identify yourself in any the above descriptions, listen to this talk and you will not believe how many R&D budget your organization might be able save from tomorrow on. And this is only half the punchline…

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