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Expert Session 1
12:00 — 12:30 PM
November 12 '20

Liquid resins for radiation curing – A broader N3XTDIMENSION® offering to meet new applications and performance demands | Arkema France SA

Language: ENG

Lucile Bonhoure, Technical Manager 3D - Europe - Liquid Resin for Radiation Curing,

Arkema France SA

Dr. Richard Plenderleith, Director of Research and Development,

Arkema France SA

Arkema’s acquisition of Lambson Ltd brings a full range of selected photoinitiators and cationic resins to the N3xtDimension® custom liquid resin systems’ materials family for additive manufacturing. Our experts will present this new offering, share new engineered solutions and highlight state of the art industrial use-cases, to show how our comprehensive range of capabilities and deep technical expertise are enabling the development of tailored solutions to our customers and partners.

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