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Expert Session 1
2:00 — 2:30 PM
November 10 '20

New standard polymer materials for powder bed fusion ­ From high ductility to high performance ­ From polypropylene to PBT and Polyamides | AM Polymers GmbH

Language: ENG

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wegner, CEO,


The additive production of plastic components is becoming increasingly important for series production. Nevertheless, many applications have not yet been able to benefit from the advantages of additive manufacturing. The reason for this is the limited range of available materials. Especially for powder bed fusion, many applications require specific materials that cannot be met by PA12 and PA11. That applies to chemical industry, electric industry, automotive industry as well as mobility and aviation industry. Therefore, the use of additive manufacturing in these industries for various applications is not yet possible.

AM POLYMERS focussed since 2014 on making traditional standard plastics such as PP, PE, PA6, PBT, or TPU available for powder bed fusion as quality-controlled powder materials. To expand our range of products, we are constantly developing new materials. With our powder materials, we meet your requirements while at the same time making them easy to process. Our optimized compositions and our extensive experience of many years in the field of laser sintering produce batch-to-batch consistent powder materials and parts with particularly good properties. Our know-how considerably reduces your effort for running-in so that you can deliver high-quality customer parts within a few days. We cover all production steps - from the basic polymer to the final plastic powder for powder bed fusion - in our company. We act according to the principle "Plug & Play" not "Plug & Pray". For us, this means that we make sure that each of our materials can be applied to your AM machine without problems.

We offer five polymers with multiple variants for very different requirement profiles: A PP with an extremely high elongation at break of over 200 %, a TPU without smoke development during laser exposure, a PBT processable on standard equipment and good elongation at break or high-performance polyamides.

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