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Expert Session 1
12:00 — 12:30 PM
November 10 '20

Laser and Beam Delivery Solutions for use in Precision Additive Manufacturing Machines | Novanta Inc.

Language: ENG

Simon Matthias, Technical Business Development Manager,

Novanta Inc.

Novanta manufacturers laser and beam steering solutions designed to build high-performing, next generation Additive Manufacturing machines for a variety of processes including SLS, SLM and SLA. Through our globally recognized Novanta brands ARGES, Cambridge Technology, and Synrad, we deliver components and subsystems that enable high quality parts, fast turn-around times and an easy to integrate solution. Our beam delivery systems and specialized lasers allow system integrators to build a customized machine capable of producing high quality parts with high throughput and industry-leading precision. Learn more about how we can help build optimized AM machines in our expert session. 

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