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Expert Session 1
11:00 — 11:30 AM
November 12 '20

Managing work orders in 3D Print and Additive Manufacturing shops using GrabCAD Shop | Stratasys GmbH

Language: ENG

Frank Lindeman, Customer Success Engineer, Stratasys Software,

Stratasys Solutions Ltd.

To stay on top of your engineering and manufacturing projects, having insight into and control over additive prototyping, end use parts, and tooling costs and timelines is paramount.

Managing your in-house 3D Additive Manufacturing facility using GrabCAD Shop will help both engineering teams and shop operators to achieve this.


In this talk we will look into and demonstrate how requesters and operators use GrabCAD Shop to manage design files, orders, communication trails, delivery times, and cost information all in a single, secure environment.

Integration with GrabCAD Print build preparation software makes turning orders into trays and into jobs straightforward for the operators, to use the available equipment with maximum efficiency.

Next to Stratasys machines GrabCAD Shop also supports 3rd party and non-additive equipment.

Designed from the ground up with 3D Additive Manufacturing in mind GrabCAD Shop offers machine and material configuration, rate tables, and custom order status information to allow shop administrators to follow adopted company procedures, all clear advantages over home grown solutions.

Universities and schools can equally benefit from GrabCAD Shop to run a 3D Print Lab for large groups of students.

To see what GrabCAD Shop can do for you, a free 30-day trial awaits at or

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