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Expert Session 2
6:00 — 6:30 PM
November 10 '20

How Scale Vastly Reduces Printed Part Costs | Velo3D, Inc.

Language: ENG

Dr. Zach Murphree, VP of Sales,

Velo3D, Inc.

The cost of Additive Manufacturing (AM) prevents many applications from moving into volume AM production. Knowing this, engineers limit their usage of AM to prototyping designs that will ultimately be manufactured through traditional means.


Lowering production cost is the key to unlocking the performance benefits of AM. VELO3D’s solution to production cost is to go BIG. The new Sapphire XC will give users up to 5X more productivity and 75% lower cost per part (when compared to the existing Sapphire system).


Find out more about how scale will impact the cost of printed parts at our formnext session.

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