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Expert Session 1
5:00 — 5:30 PM
November 11 '20

Overcoming the Challenge of Printing Larger Parts | Velo3D, Inc.

Language: ENG

Brian Spink, Application Engineering Manager,

Velo3D, Inc.

There are few printers on the market that can successfully print large parts. It is not enough to design a larger build chamber and add more lasers. With larger parts, laser calibration and alignment are critical.


The new Sapphire XC expands the build volume of Sapphire to 600mm Ø by 550 mm z-height and increases throughput by a factor of five by offering 8x 1kW lasers. Furthermore, the Sapphire XC builds on Sapphire's legacy of in situ laser calibration and run time alignment routines. 


Find out how the new Sapphire XC will overcome the challenges of printing larger parts. Learn about new applications that will be unlocked through VELO3D's ability to print BIG.

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