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12:00 — 1:00 PM
November 10 '20


Language: ENG

For your entry into 3D printing

Industrial 3D printing is breaking through in many sectors and applications, but companies often don’t know enough about the capabilities of the technologies and areas in which AM really pays off. The seminar Discover3Dprinting are designed for everyone who considers to include the Additive Manufacturing into the production process, but does struggle to find access to the technologies. The seminar provides a comprehensive insight into AM and at the same time discusses practical questions, such as: should I consider 3D printing for my production? Can I make profit with it? What are the first/next steps to get started? In addition, participants will learn what and where the obstacles by its implementation are, as well as what applications are not profitable for industrial 3D printing. Furthermore, attendees will also develop an understanding of where additive technologies can complement conventional processes, e.g., how process chains can be established with pre-machining and post-processing. 

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