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Dr. Tuomas Hieta

Project Manager and Senior Researcher

Received his D.Sc. (Tech) degree in the field of applied laser spectroscopy and electrical engineering at the Helsinki University of Technology (Finland) in 2011. He has worked as a researcher and a senior research scientist at MIKES Metrology and at VTT in the field of industrial and environmental laser sensing applications before moving to Gasera Ltd. During his period at MIKES and VTT his has coordinated a large FP7 project (MetAMC) focusing on sub-ppb generation and measurement of reactive airborne contaminants. Significant part of his work has included direct collaboration with industry and R&D organizations, which has led to a broad network of contacts in both of the abovementioned fields. Tuomas Hieta also has continuous scientific output (publications and guest lectures) even while working full-time at a private company.

Cleanzone 2020 - Program ENG
3:00 — 4:00 PM
November 19 '20
Subject to changes without notice

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