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Anja Diete

Cleanzone 2020 - Program GER
10:00 — 11:00 AM
November 9 '20

Cleanzone Pre-Event

Presentation of the Award and the Platform

Cleanzone 2020 - Program GER
10:15 — 11:00 AM
November 18 '20

Cleanzone Welcome note and Introduction

Cleanzone digital 2020 Opening

Cleanzone 2020 - Program GER
12:45 — 1:45 PM
November 18 '20

Cleanzone Award: Presentation of the Nominees

Seven outstanding innovations have been nominated and are in the race for the trophy:- Beckman Coulter GmbH: MET one 3400+          Airborne particle counter- Colandis GmbH: Fan Filter Module- Contec Inc.: ReFIBE® cloths- Initial Textil Service GmbH & Co KG - CWS Group:   "Cleanroom Masters" board game- Dastex Reinraumzubehör GmbH: Hood glasses-Combination- Fraunhofer IPA: 2ndSCIN- Textile Research Institute Thuringia-Vogtland e.V. / OrtnerCleanroom Technology GmbHCleanzone visitors will vote for the winner live during the Cleanzone Digital.

Cleanzone 2020 - Program GER
1:30 — 2:00 PM
November 19 '20

Cleanzone Award: Ceremony

Award is presented to the winner

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