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Seasonal Decoration at its best
It’s time for outstanding presentations and creative inspirations at the world’s leading trade fair for seasonal and festive decorations.
No matter what your plans or your customers’ requirements, here you’ll find decorations for all celebrations – in all possible shapes, colours and facets. Christmasworld offers classic handicraft to meet the highest quality standards, as well as impressive concept decorations, original florist supplies, unusual ideas for the garden, trendy gift ribbons and wrapping, superior candles and scents and brilliant light shows.

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Christmasworld Premium Symmetrie 2+3
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM
January 27 '20


Urban regeneration: The internet will not kill shops, it will liberate them

In his keynote speech, Ibrahim identifies how the rapid changes in the retail trade are leading to urban renewal in order to meet the rising expectations of citizens and consumers.

Sanjay Sauldie
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