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Carola Seybold

Director Pantone Emea

1986-1991 </b> University of Konstanz and University of Hohenheim diploma of management sciences

1991-1996</b>  E. Breuninger GmbH & Co., Chief Purchasing manager
1996-1999</b> Passport GmbH, Brand Manager
1999-2000</b> Betty Barclay GmbH, Brand manager
2000-2008</b> Glasmeier & Partner GmbH International Consulting specialized in fashion-retail and fashion-manufacturer Senior Consultant Head of  department assortment, collection, visual merchandising.

2008- heute</b>  PANTONE – X-Rite GmbH, Director PANTONE EMEA
This position allows to define and regulate the entire Sales and Marketing activities for PANTONE in Europe, Middle East and Africa. My Focus is Fashion, Home, Paint and Plastic Industries. It includes the guidance of all regional Sales Managers, all Agent and Distribution Partners, as well as the handling of global acting corporate accounts. Business Development and setting the strategies for a successful future for PANTONE in these regions are core of my daily work.

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