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Ambiente Academy Hall 11.1 E51
1:00 — 1:30 PM
February 10 '20

NeuroPricing® – prices and their influence on purchasing behaviour

Purchasing decisions are not made rationally. This is particularly the case when it comes to lifestyle and luxury goods. But why do customer groups in apparently similar situations so often make different decisions? What role do prices play in purchasing decisions? Professor Kai-Markus Müller, brain researcher, author, professor and entrepreneur provides surprising, scientifically based answers. The neuroscientist was the first to measure the willingness to pay for a product using EEG brain scans. In his talk, Professor Müller identifies pricing psychology effects that can be directly implemented, as well as the methods offered by modern brain research to measure and predict the effects of pricing.

HFU Business School, Villingen- Schwenningen

Prof. Dr. Kai-Markus Müller

Professor for Consumer Behavior, HFU Business School, Villingen- Schwenningen

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