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HoReCa Academy Hall 6.0 D40
2:45 — 3:15 PM
February 10 '20

„Lifting" the guest experience through creative designs & ideas

Jesper Efferbach started his career as Michelin star chef and F&B director, later he took over management positions at Carlsberg, Nestlé, Arc International & Libbey Inc. Today he owns a consultancy & design company, where he has worked with companies like Pasabahce & Nude glass, Revol Porcelain, Bonna Porcelain, Corelle Brands & Scandic & Hilton Hotels, as well as on product design & development projects for several larger intl. tableware producers.

Jesper helped his clients to improve their general business turnover, profitability & branding, through the use of creative strategies, initiativs & designs.

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