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Ambiente Academy Hall 11.1 E51
12:15 — 12:45 PM
February 10 '20

Change & challenge – how change is continuing to shape the retail sector

Digitisation and online business are driving the market and people. What happens when 'opportunity' becomes a constant companion? Worst-case scenarios, personal mindsets and the conquest of a new world. And the question of what customers are frantically seeking today.


This lecture removes doubts and reservations around digitisation and artificial intelligence. It encourages us to embrace both issues and to be happy about what digitisation and AI cannot be: human and empathetic.



  • Everything an opportunity? Personal engagement with changes in the age of digital transformation
  • Online or offline? Combine the best of both worlds.
  • Be what Pepper, Alexa and Sophia cannot be.

Katrin Gugl

Retail business expert, speaker, trainer and coach

Subject to changes without notice

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