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Lecture programme ZELLCHEMING-Forum, Halle 4.1, Stand H15 Bioeconomy
10:45 — 11:05 AM
June 26 '19

Large Scale Energy Storage based on Lignin

Language: ENG

In recent years, concerns resulting from environmental consequences of exploiting fossil fuels asthe main energy sources have led to an increasing demand of renewable energy systems e.g. solar and wind power generation. The intermittent nature of renewable energy sources however makes it difficult to fully integrate these energy sources into electrical grids. A solution to this problem arelarge-scale energy storage systems, which are vital for distributed power generation development and grid stabilization. One of the most promising technologies in this field are redox-flow batteries (RFBs), first developed by NASA during the 1970’s. RFBs are electrochemical systems that can repeatedly store and convert electrical energy to chemical energy and vice versa when needed. Redox reactions are employed to store energy in the form of a chemical potential in liquid electrolyte solutions, which are pumped through electrochemical cells. To meet the worldwide need for energy storage systems which exceeds the multi TWh capacity, a resource in the multi-million-ton scale is needed. Lignin is one of the few renewableraw materials that is already produced in such quantities and at the same time the major share is burnt. It is composed of aromatic ring moieties that form the core structure of most organic electrolytes. The abundance of the material without any competing application makes Lignin the ideal raw material source for organic electrolytes in large scale redox-flow batteries.

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