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Lecture programme ZELLCHEMING-Forum, Halle 4.1, Stand H15 Bioeconomy
11:35 AM — 12:00 PM
June 26 '19

Future paper properties by chemical and mechanical modification of pulps

Language: ENG

Within the last years product development focuses more and more on sustainability in the sense of a circular and bio-based economy. Main tasks are the use of renewable feedstocks, ensuring recyclability, enabling cascade use and providing biodegradability in case of non-closed product cycles. This is most important particularly for short-term use applications such as packaging. Paper has been a sustainable material for this field for over a century. However, the increasing customer demands cause different requirements on the usage and processing properties of future paper materials, especially when competing with other packaging materials such as plastics or metals.
This talk will focus on pathways for enhancing the material immanent properties of cellulosic pulps via chemical and mechanical modification and will show what may be possible with paper-based materials in a sustainable future. Intriguing features that areunknown from today's paper such as thermoplasticity, high barrier or highest strength will be accessible utilizing the right modification strategy. Thereby the arc is stretched from the generation of new structures to suitable processing methods.

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