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Lecture programme ZELLCHEMING-Forum, Halle 4.1, Stand H15 Session Industrie 4.0
5:00 — 5:20 PM
June 26 '19

Alarm & Operations Management

Delivering operations integrity through better plant safety, availability and compliance across your entire enterprise .

Standalone, Alarm Suite and Operations Suite are industry's recognized #1 offerings, whether you're looking to turn noise into knowledge through effective alarm management, or looking to drive informed decisions and operational compliance through safe and profitable operating windows, DynAMo proactive tools make this possible.

Combine the two suites however, and they offer a unique and ground breaking revolution moving traditional reactive alarm management practices to next generation proactive alarm and operations management, through a platform that offers one interface, one unified platform, one solution to all your alarm and operations management needs.

Industry-leading organizations want to empower operators not only to prevent incidents but drive value through better control of safe operating limits, production envelopes, and integrity operating windows. Moving from reactive responses to proactive management of the process, operators can minimize equipment failures, maximize efficiencies and prevent abnormal situations before they occur.

Vendor neutral, Alarm and Operations solutions work with any control system, whether DCS, SCADA or PLC. Fully scalable to all the sites in your enterprise you can opt to install modules individually or choose a comprehensive unified solution from the outset.

Alarm & Operations Management software integrates with your existing systems and around your existing applications to provide the functionality and tools you need for more effective operations.

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