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Mme. Sophie Chénel

Sophie Chénel, the fourth generation representative at the head of the family business, manages Procédés Chénel and passionately leads her expert teams in the development of self-supporting partitioning systems, false ceiling techniques and numerous paper luminaires.

Museums, international trade fairs, events, shops... Non-woven partitions, monumental ceiling installations, large format prints, lighting systems, furniture... The company is constantly innovating. Today, Procédés Chénel is made up of a young and dynamic team of about twenty people. An international reputation, an affirmed reputation as inventors of intelligent products and services and a constantly growing catalogue of materials (kraft, tracing, fluorescent coloured non-woven papers, etc.), make Procédés Chénel a reliable and valued resource throughout the world, whose offer meets the strict fire and health standards of the building.

Apparel Sourcing - Avantex - Leatherworld - Shawls and Scarves - Texworld - Texworld Denim Paris Feb. 2019- Program Agora Hall 2 FRE
10:00 — 11:00 AM
February 12 '19
Subject to changes without notice

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