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Mme. Regina Polanco

Regina Polanco, founder of PYRATES is a young Spanish entrepreneur. Just like her generation, the Millennials, Regina has travelled and lived in many countries, which opened her eyes on the challenges and convictions of her generation. She started creating PYRATES in Switzerland in 2014. Although she had studied law and politics, the curious and audacious woman that she is started building the brand and developing the PYRATEX® smart fabrics. Her experience allows her to understand her customer, its necessity to care his health and his desire to consume conscientiously.

Apparel Sourcing - Avantex - Leatherworld - Shawls and Scarves - Texworld - Texworld Denim Paris Feb. 2019- Program Avantex Agora - Hall 4 FRE
11:15 AM — 12:15 PM
February 12 '19
Subject to changes without notice

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