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Mme. Cecile Thieulin

Cecile Thieulin is an architect and the founder and Ceo of Simone Simon. Simone Simon is an innovative Paris & Boston based fashion brand.  She uses her technical background to optimize the apparel fabrication process from creation, to prototyping, to manufacturing.  She uses technologies (3D-CAD, VR,+ military engineer techniques)  to create unique, comfortable and ethical building blocks for the dynamic woman's wardrobe. Because she wants fashion to adapt to women and not women to adapt to fashion.   With her Studio Simone Simon</a>, she explores the interface between the human body and the outside world, redrawing the lines between fashion and architecture to create constructed garments, using a range of new fabrication methods and performative materials. </span> She believes that technologies are changing the way we create, produce, and wear fashion. She also believes in the power of digital parametrical design to create custom-made, user centered models. Thereby reducing waste through responsible design. With Simone Simon, she aspires to establish a brand that allies elegance and comfort, sustainability and quality for every woman.  She was an entrepreneur in Residence'17 in the Babson WINLab. She also teaches at the Boston Architectural College, her passion for creation, materiality, art, light, space, and proportions.She cares for the sustainability of the materials and the means of production.  She was one of the 5 designers featured in the 'Power of Women' Boston fashion week'18 She was selected to be part of Project Entrepneur in NY april 2018 as one of the 200 female entrepreneur. She was invited to be part of many fashion week as guest for presentation of her lines : among them : StyleWeek Nort Easten, Silicon Valley Fashion week, Paris Fashiontech week, Boston Fashion week. She was featured in many magazine/TV show including: Forbes, TV Fox12, BostonVoyager, LifeStyle Food Magazine, We Rule NYC, The Huntington News, TV9 , Le Soir, Konbini.   Instagram:</a> </span> Twitter:</a> </span> Website:</a></span> Facebook:</a>  </span>

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