M. Paul Boyer

Paul Boyer is graduated in Civil Engineering from the Ecole des Mines. He worked in Finance, IT and networks before changing his priorities and embracing ethical and organic fashion in 2003 with the brand Marie Cabanac. After 20 years of management and the creation of 5 companies, including 3 in ethical fashion since 15 years, he facilitates the association « Organic Linen and Hemp ». A recognized player in the social economy field in Normandy, he is preparing to set up an organic linen t-shirt factory near Caen in 2019 as a SCIC (Cooperative Society of Collective Interest)"

Avantex Agora - Hall 4 Apparel Sourcing - Avantex - Leatherworld - Shawls and Scarves - Texworld - Texworld Denim Paris Feb. 2019- Program FRE
3:15 — 4:15 PM
February 11 '19